Welcome to the International Thunderbird Club


What is the ITC?

We are the International Thunderbird Club, and we accept ALL Thunderbirds. We are a family-oriented club that has an international meet once a year and many local chapter events throughout the year. We publish a 60-page magazine that is full of technical tips, restoration articles, and light-hearted reading for our members.

Do I have to be a member of the ITC to attend Conventions?

ITC welcomes all Thunderbird enthusiasts regardless of affiliation. However, we encourage membership, because of the many advantages contained therein.

Do I have to bring a car to the convention?

No. Once again, ALL enthusiasts are welcome.

What years are supported? And how are they supported?

The ITC supports ALL years of Thunderbirds, from 1955 – present.

Does the ITC have formal judging? If so, are there any other classes?

Yes, the ITC does have formal (for Senior cars and Concours) judging, entailing a 350 point system. However, we also have other classes of judging, such as: Touring (aka “Informal” – driven cars), Touring Modified, Showcase (ballot voting), Senior Display (cars that have previously attained Senior status, but are no longer judged)

Does my car have to be judged?

No, your car does not have to be judged. Owners who do not wish their cars to be judged can place their cars in the No Judge Class. This class allows owners that don’t want their cars judged to still be included in the show, as his/her car will be on the showfield.

What happens during a convention?

Our conventions are not merely one day events. They span several days, and include tours to local points of interest, Bar-B-Ques, pizza parties, a hospitality room (where members go to talk and have fun), mall excursions, and finally, on Show Day, the actual judging of the cars takes place. Then, that night, there is an Awards’ Banquet, where the awards are presented.

Must I attend EVERY day of the convention?

Of course not. You can attend as many or as few days as you wish. While our show day is traditionally Saturday, there are also always interesting things to do and see on the other days of the meet.

How do I find out about ITC events that are close to where I live?

The best thing to do would be to look in the ITC Script magazine or right here on the website and call the president of the chapter that is closest to you. All chapters have many organized meets, meetings, and gatherings during the year.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership costs $30 for the United States and Canada, and $40 for all other countries.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members of the ITC are mailed our 60 page Script Magazine, containing many color and other technical photographs. Members also receive access to a full knowledgebase of technical advice from our many experienced tech advisors. Members also receive a static cling windshield decal, a membership card, and access to our club-related merchandise. However, the greatest advantage is to meet with other people who have the same interests.

In the past, I’ve rejected joining (or staying with) other clubs because they only seem interested in purely technical issues and winning at shows? What are the views of this ITC concerning this?

The main concerns of the ITC are not winning first place and Best of Show every time, or having a magazine that only features articles on how to restore a car. We are proud of the club’s family feeling, and we strive to include all members of a family in the magazine and at conventions.

The ITC professes to be international. Does the club actually have members from overseas?

Yes we do. We now have members from over 10 foreign countries.

How old is the ITC, and how many members does it currently have?

The ITC was founded in 1993, and we currently have over 1,800 members.

Does the ITC foster a family atmosphere?

The ITC prides itself in having activities and products that will appeal to ALL members of the family. We do this through the articles in the Script,which are wide-ranging, and also through the different activities at the conventions.

Does the ITC have merchandise?

Yes we do. We have club jackets, mugs, pins, patches, magnetic signs, and other things. Merchandise ads appear in the Script, on this website, and is sold at the conventions.

What do I do to become a member?

Click here.

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